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Apic Bloggers

Hey guys!!

So just very quickly, I’d like to share with you all another AMAZING blog!! If you guys love to read pieces written by other teenagers….this is the blog to read! http://apicbloggers.wordpress.com/

They are two of my very best friends, so we’d all love if some of you could check it out and maybe follow:D

Their personal tumblrs are personalityinmygenes and basicallyy-basic

They just filmed and edited their own ad, and it is amazing!! I’ll leave the link to that as well:)

 (That’s the link to their ad→→→ Apic Ad )

Hope you all check their blog out and love it just as much as I do!

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p.s. you are ALL beautiful !!
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What types of music/bands do you guys like? Comment in my ask box!!
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