...and that's who I am.
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001. I’m single.
002. I’m obsessed with love. 
003. I dream of paradise.
004. I sing in the shower.
005. I crave nutella. Always.
006. I live on music.
007. I cry easily.
008. I’m creative. 
009. I love blank paper.
010. I’m blonde.
011. I love shopping. 
012. I’ve been depressed.
013. I love sodas.
014. I love rain.
015. I suck at math. 
016. I’m a dreamer.
017. I’m afraid of the dark. 
018. I love christmas.
019. I’ve had my heart broken. 
020. I’m obsessed with disney. 
021. I love owls.
022. I love ice cream.
023. I have a sister.
024. I like to be alone sometimes. 
025. I love beaches.
026. I act drunk a lot. Even when I’m not.
027. I giggle way too much. 
028. I wear glasses.
029. I love pizza.
030. I self harm.
031. I believe in soulmates.
032. I’m a textaholic.
033. I want to travel the world.
034. I believe in magic.
035. I’m still looking for love. 
036. I fear death.
037. I’m materialistic.
038. I live to eat.
039. I belong at Hogwarts.
040. I make wishes at 11:11.
041. I’m superstitious.
042. I get nightmares.
043. I love autumn.
044. I’m a brunette.
045. I dream of New York.
046. I love cats. 
047. I’m crazy. 
048. I’m a tumblr addict.
049. I love One Direction.
050. I feel like no one understands me. 
051. I love horror.
052. I long for a tattoo.
053. I love Coldplay.
054. I’m optimistic.
055. I’m weird.
056. I’m hyper.
057. I love dogs.
058. I love Paramore.
059. I’m insecure.
060. I’m in love. 
061. I love Justin Bieber.
062. I’m scared of heights.
063. I’m awkward.
064. I love romance.
065. I love Panic! At The Disco.
066. I have social anxiety.
067. I love Friends. 
068. I hate bugs.
069. I think I have the best music taste in the world.
070. I’m in love with Darren Criss.
071. I’m a readhead.
072. I’m a diehard Harry Potter fan.
073. I love The Hunger Games. 
074. I’m homosexual.
075. I love Niall Horan. 
076. I love Taylor Swift.
077. I’m waiting for him to come back.
078. I love Glee.
079. I’m not normal.
080. I love Katy Perry.
081. I love Pokémon.
082. I come from a broken home.
083. I dream of Paris.
084. I love Demi Lovato.
085. I love My Chemical Romance.
086. I love Fall Out Boy.
087. I’m a proud virgin.
088. I’m a teenager.
089. I long to roam in outer space.
090. I love U2.
091. I love Red Hot Chili Peppers.
092. I lead a lonely life.
093. I love Jessie J.
094. I’m going to marry Dean Winchester.
095. I dream of England.
096. I love giraffes.
097. I love Grey’s Anatomy.
098. I’m the real Slim Shady.
099. I have freckles.
100. I’m in love with Prince Harry.
101. I love Tom Felton.
102. I’m proud of who I am.
103. I long to live in another planet.
104. I get turned on by white shirts.
105. I’m a movie junkie.
106. I’m proud of my tumblr.
107. I swear a lot.
108. I miss being little.
109. I love Pretty Little Liars.
110. I love football.
111. I get attached easily.
112. I’m always faking smiles.
113. I love Foster The People.
114. I long to be a model.
115. I need to own a teacup pig.
116. I constantly feel too fat.
117. I’m in love with Leonardo Dicaprio.
118. I’m in love with Harry Styles.
119. I’m a sherlockian.
120. I love doodling.
121. I love old music.
122. I dream of Australia.
123. I secretly wonder if I’m insane.
124. I want an open relationship.
125. I long to tour Europe.
126. I love the Jonas Brothers.
127. I’m clumsy.
128. I sometimes hate myself.
129. I’ve never been kissed.
130. I love A Day To Remember.
131. I long to dye my hair.
132. I’m only myself when I’m alone.
133. I support world peace. 
134. I’m a theatre geek.
135. I’m a bookworm.
136. I love soccer.
137. I’m a mess of a gorgeous chaos.
138. I’m forever a potterhead.
139. I love rock.
140. I have a soft spot for musicians.
141. I believe in making wishes.
142. I don’t believe anyone would ever truly love me.
143. I’m scared of growing up.
144. I fear change.
145. I’ve had a near-death experience.
146. I love the Beatles.
147. I’m bisexual.
148. I’m afraid of love.
149. I wish I was fearless.
150. I prefer hanging out with guys.
151. I adore my mom. 
152. I support gay rights because love is love.
153. I love pandas.
154. I love The Big Bang Theory.
155. I have an overactive imagination.
156. I’m a city person.
157. I love our imperfect planet.
158. I long to make it big.
159. I love Matt Smith.
160. I love Winnie the Pooh.
161. I’m afraid of never reaching my dream.
162. I love winter.
163. I’m too nice.
164. I’m really shy.
165. I’m passionate.
166. I’m unpopular.
167. I’m great at giving advice.
168. I long for someone who can’t live without me.
169. I love chocolate.
170. I love Shania Twain.
171. I’m always on my computer.
172. I barely have a social life.
173. I don’t drink.
174. I’ve done too many things that I regret.
175. I’m always in jeans.
176. I talk to myself.
177. I love All Time Low.
178. I love Green Day.
179. I love hugging people.
180. I prefer animals to people.
181. I love road trips.
182. I believe in happy endings.
183. I love someone who will never love me back.
184. I love oreos.
185. I really like sleeping.
186. I love being surrounded by nature.
187. I’m a vegetarian.
188. I love The Script.
189. I’m a caffeine addict.
190. I long to be in a movie.
191. I love Owl City.
192. I’ve contemplated suicide.
193. I need to start over.
194. I dwell on the past a lot.
195. I’m really grateful for my family.
196. I wish I was beautiful.
197. I’m an inappropriate laughter.
198. I love John Mayer.
199. I love How I Met Your Mother.
200. I love horses.
201. I love camping out.
202. I despise a person I once loved.
203. I love Hot Chelle Rae.
204. I care about what I look like.
205. I love Dianna Agron.
206. I have big dreams.
207. I love converse.
208. I’m shy around the opposite gender.
209. I’m not the same person I was last year.
210. I love Supernatural.
211. I’m just really tired.
212. I have a weird sense of humor.
213. I create worlds to escape into.
214. I’m missing someone.
215. I love snow.
216. I love Snow Patrol.
217. I’m a great listener.
218. I’m a writer.
219. I think intelligence is sexy.
220. I dream about summer all the time.
221. I eat when I’m sad.
222. I hate my life.
223. I’ve been single all my life.
224. I have a dirty mind.
225. I overthink.
226. I love Misha Collins.
227. I’m a musician.
228. I adore my best friend.
229. I love Jedward.
230. I love sloths.
231. I’m obsessed with bubbles.
232. I like making people smile.
233. I’d give anything to be thin.
234. I love Lady Gaga.
235. I don’t trust myself.
236. I love country music.
237. I have stage fright.
238. I’m a 90’s kid.
239. I love Zayn Malik.
240. I don’t like people easily. 
241. I have curly hair.
242. I love Castle.
243. I love my dad.
244. I love Daughtry.
245. I miss the life I used to have.
246. I’m bilingual.
247. I believe in love at the first sight.
248. I’m really tall.
249. I love One Tree Hill.
250. I love anime.
251. I love Mayday Parade.
252. I’m a sarcastic bitch.
253. I’ve beaten self-harm. 
254. I’m obsessed with tiny animals.
255. I love Maroon 5.
256. I’ve never been in love.
257. I long to leave my mark on this world.
258. I’m claustrophobic.
259. I’m not good at expressing my feelings.
260. I love Arctic Monkeys.
261. I love Zooey Deschanel.
262. I’m a dog owner.
263. I adore bad boys.
264. I’ve been bullied.
265. I’m always in sweatpants.
266. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
267. I’m incredibly lazy.
268. I love Doctor Who.
269. I’ve loved and lost.
270. I don’t trust anyone. 
271. I fear thunderstorms. 
272. I live online. 
273. I love Louis Tomlinson.
274. I’m an artist.
275. I’ll never truly grow up.
276. I love Train.
277. I’m different.
278. I think my life is boring.
279. I get embarrassed easily.
280. I love The Vampire Diaries.
281. I’m sick of being judged.
282. I love Of Monsters and Men.
283. I fear the future.
284. I don’t like people.
285. I sometimes wake up and wish I was someone else.
286. I’m an introvert.
287. I’ve been abused.
288. I find solace in books.
289. I’m scared of letting people know who I really am.
290. I love Adam Lambert.
291. I love dancing.
292. I’m a child of divorced parents.
293. I love Desperate Housewives.
294. I’m always second best.
295. I always fall hard when I fall in love.
296. I’m full of ideas that I never execute.
297. I’m really not a morning person.
298. I’m a cheerleader.
299. I love Simple Plan.
300. I’m addicted to M&M’s.
301. I have terrible self-esteem.
302. I love Marianas Trench.
303. I hate having my photo taken.
304. I believe in karma.
305. I long for that perfect life-long marriage.
306. I love candles.
307. I’m in love with a fictional character.
308. I hate the pressure of society’s expectations.
309. I’m in love with someone who’s supposed to be my friend.
310. I don’t think before I act.
311. I love Mariska Hargitay.
312. I dream of Broadway.
313. I don’t think I’m pretty.
314. I love You Me At Six.
315. I want to be someone my parents would be proud of.
316. I’m always laughing hysterically.
317. I love elephants.
318. I’m a fangirl.
319. I’m really short.
320. I love Logan Lerman.
321. I sometimes pretend to be a superhero.
322. I’m not perfect but that’s okay with me.
323. I’ve never been in a relationship.
324. I want to get out of this stupid town.
325. I’m a cat owner.
326. I want to forget the past.
327. I love Liam Payne.
328. I play volleyball.
329. I love The Fray.
330. I’m a nerd.
331. I have at least one tattoo.
332. I’m gullible.
333. I have unrealistic dreams.
334. I love Tokio Hotel.
335. I think Neil Patrick Harris is awesome. 
336. I wish I could stay in bed all day every day.
337. I have too many secrets.
338. I can only be myself on tumblr.
339. I missed out on true love because of my stupidy.
340. I would fall to pieces without music.
341. I’m eccentric.
342. I’m in a relationship.
343. I grew up with Harry Potter.
344. I love Josh Hutcherson.
345. I love Big Time Rush.
346. I’m antisocial.
347. I’m a hopeless romantic.
348. I’m not the person who I thought I would be ten years ago.
349. I love The Avengers.
350. I’m happy with who I turned out to be.
351. I have abandonment issues.
352. I fear attachment.
353. I’m happiest when I’m eating.
354. I’m obsessed with fairy tales.
355. I can’t imagine anyone being in love with me.
356. I think I’m annoying.
357. I love crime shows.
358. I think in third person.
359. I dream of California.
360. I love Muse.
361. I wish I was born in another time. 
362. I expect a lot from myself.
363. I sometimes wish I could just disappear for a while.
364. I love McFly.
365. I’m in a long-distance relationship.
366. I blush like crazy.
367. I love singing to myself.
368. I wish people noticed me more.
369. I disapprove a lot of stereotypes.
370. I tend to exaggerate. 
371. I’m addicted to Mars bars.
372. I’m a child of a single parent.
373. I love Bruno Mars.
374. I want summer to last forever.
375. I love Sleeping With Sirens.
376. I have a brother.
377. I love old movies.
378. I sometimes wonder if anyone cares at all.
379. I tend to ramble.
380. I’m always trying to make the world a better place.
381. I’m pessimistic.
382. I’m an insomniac.
383. I’m equestrian. 
384. I would do absolutely anything for people I love.
385. I love turtles.
386. I wish upon stars.
387. I love Stana Katic.
388. I live in ponytails.
389. I’m a straight A student.
390. I care too much.
391. I’m single but happy that way.
392. I often feel insignificant because the world is a big place.
393. I’m autistic.
394. I love Ed Sheeran.
395. I miss being happy.
396. I dream of Hollywood.
397. I never judge.
398. I never let people see me cry.
399. I lose my temper easily.
400. I exist on junk food.
401. I long to attend an Ivy League University.
402. I’m a parent.
403. I love Gossip Girl.
404. I’m a compulsive liar.
405. I don’t care about what people think of me.
406. I’m obsessed with vinyl.
407. I’m pansexual.
408. I don’t believe in true love.
409. I love Death Cab For Cutie.
410. I don’t do drugs.
411. I’m really sensitive.
412. I wish I owned a time turner.
413. I’m mentally dating a celebrity.
415. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my pet.
416. I have big city dreams.
417. I have a crazy family.
418. I love Parachute.
419. I have an eating disorder.
420. I’m always there for people, even when no one is there for me.
421. I’m a picky eater.
422. I play softball.
423. I always fall for people I can’t have.
424. I push people away.
425. I love Ariana Grande.
426. I solemly swear I’m up to no good.
427. I live inside my head.
428. I’m always making up stories in my head.
429. I love NeverShoutNever.
430. I don’t think anyone really knows who I am.
431. I’m girly.
432. I’m in the closet.
433. I love tea.
434. I love David Tennant.
435. I trust people too easily.
436. I would fall to pieces without tumblr.
437. I really like helping people.
438. I long to be loved back some day.
439. I love Michael Jackson.
440. I adore my sister.
441. I love 30 Seconds To Mars.
442. I still love my ex.
443. I don’t like accepting help.
444. I’m confused about my sexuality.
445. I love Jack’s Mannequin.
446. I blame myself for everything.
447. I laugh at my own jokes.
448. I long to be famous for my own music.
449. I don’t have any confidence without make up.
450. I fall for people who can make me laugh.
451. I love Norman Reedus.
452. I tend to blurt things out without thinking them over.
453. I’m an atheist.
454. I love Emma Watson.
455. I sleep a lot.
456. I love metal.
457. I tend to hide my feelings.
458. I believe in miracles.
459. I love Pierce The Veil.
460. I love Lord of The Rings.
461. I’m in love with my best friend. 
462. I don’t self harm.
463. I’m fascinated by stars. 
464. I’m religious.
465. I love hedgehogs.
466. I bowl.
467. I have asperger’s syndrome.
468. I get annoyed easily.
469. I love waking up early.
470. I’m a runner.
471. I’m a youtuber.
472. I bake.
473. I love Teen Wolf.
474. I try my best at school.
475. I believe in ghosts.
476. I love chinese food.
477. I’m bipolar.
478. I’m actually a very amazing, rich celebrity masquerading as a normal person.
479. I fall in love too easily.
480. I never feel good enough.
481. I dream of Japan.
482. I’m immature.
483. I pretend to be strong even when I’m not.
484. I express myself better in writing than out loud.
485. I love learning new languages.
486. I’m a photographer.
487. I live to read.
488. I love origami.
489. I’ve already planned my wedding.
490. I love k-pop.
491. I play quidditch. 
492. I don’t wear make up.
493. I smoke.
494. I long to live on a farm.
495. I wouldn’t survive without the internet for long.
496. I care too much what people think of me. 
497. I’m an extrovert.
498. I’m always daydreaming.
499. I love Olly Murs.
500. I get jealous easily.
501. I hate school and everything to do with it.
502. I love working out.
503. I’m a perfectionist.
504. I don’t make friends easily.
505. I have a non existent love life.
506. I love Awkward.
507. I love Asking Alexandria.
508. I miss my pet.
509. I love thunderstorms.
510. I have a sweet tooth.
511. I love dolphins.
512. I don’t fit in.
513. I could live in a bookstore.
514. I never keep my room clean.
515. I don’t have siblings.
516. I’m a realist.
517. I’m always running what-if scenarios through my head.
518. I love Miley Cyrus.
519. I adore my grandfather.
520. I dream of London. 
521. I love Twilight.
522. I’m always comparing myself to other people.
523. I’m a tomboy.
524. I drink.
525. I’m a flirt.
526. I’m a gymnast.
527. I’m scared that all my friends secretly hate me. 
528. I’m fine with my body.
529. I do all my thinking in the shower.
530. I love Italian food.
531. I love The Simpsons.
532. I have really high expectations.
533. I don’t understand people at all.
534. I love history.
535. I never break promises.
536. I really hate being alone.
537. I’d rather stay at home on my computer than hang out with my friends.
538. I have screwed-up sleep schedule.
539. I love Blink-182.
540. I dream of leaving and never looking back.
541. I’m really grateful for my friends.
542. I love Avril Lavigne.
543. I keep thinking up incredibly fun things for me to do, but I never end up doing them.
544. I’ll never give up on my dreams.
545. I’m into body mods.
546. I’m obsessed with tornadoes.
547. I long to move to another country.
548. I love Tom Hiddleston.
549. I love fashion.
550. I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to love again.
551. I’m transgender.
552. I cosplay.
553. I live to prove people wrong.
554. I’m always hungry.
555. I live to prove people wrong. 
556. I listen to music that no one else does.
557. I’m never on time. 
558. I have diabetes.    
559. I love House. 
560. I love hot chocolate.  
561. I long for real, long-lasting friendship.
562. I play ice hockey.
563. I dream of Ireland.
564. I’m a nerdfighter.
565. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder.
566. I never speak out. 
567. I’m a grammar nazi.
568. I’m happy.
569. I’m into ideas, not things.
570. I’m forever alone.
571. I’m a swimmer.
572. I love Eminem.
573. I fall for all the wrong people.
574. I love musicals.
575. I’m in color guard.
576. I love Pretty Reckless.
577. I’m always giving to charity.
578. I love cookies.
579. I love singing.
560. I don’t believe in happy endings.
561. I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn.
562. I dream of Spain.
563. I’m demisexual.
364. I love House of Anubis.
565. I’m a performer. 
566. I really love animals.
567. I feel safe on tumblr.
568. I’m into health food.
569. I want this summer to be the best yet.
570. I’d give anything for a happy ending.
571. I love 90210.
572. I love surprises.
573. I’m proud of my book collection.
574. I wish I could order all the great clothes I see on TV. 
575. I’m depressed. 
576. I really like exploring places. 
577. I long for someone who would stick with me, no matter what. 
578. I play the guitar. 
579. I’m never completely happy. 
580. I smoke weed. 
581. I love Blood On The Dance Floor. 
582. I read marvel comics. 
583. I’ve moved on.
584. I dream of competing in the Olympics.
585. I have the most amazing best friend of all time.
586. I have anxiety.
587. I love Janoskians.
588. I own a fabulous unicorn.
589. I believe in, and love God.
590. I wish i had the courage to express my feelings.
591. I play the piano.
592. I’m rebellious.
593. I have allergies.
594. I’m indecisive.
595. I dream of italy.
596. I hope that one day, I can change the world.
597. I hate being ignored.
598. I could spend hours just thinking.
599. I’m obsessed with dyed hair.
600. I try to follow the golden rule.
601. I play rugby.
602. I always keep secrets.
603. I want a fairy tale wedding.
604. I long to get out and be independent.
605. I volunteer.
606. I’m extraordinarily talented with magic.
607. I love music festivals.
608. I fear failure.
609. I wish I could just drop everything and travel to some exotic country.
610. I hate losing.
611. I have a really stupid laugh.
612. I don’t think many people know what I’ve been through.
613. I adore my grandmother.
614. I don’t have a father.
615. I’m faithful.
616. I’m always stressed out.
617. I have trouble restraining my homicidal tendencies.
618. I love wolves.
619. I hope that one day, I can finally get over my insecurities. 
620. I’m a twin, and I’m incredible grateful to be one.
621. I miss the old cartoon network.
622. I’m concerned about what’s happening to our planet.
623. I’m working on accepting myself for who I am.

624. I’m obsessed with nail polish.

625. I dream of fighting for my country.

626. I’d rather buy CD’s than download them online.

627. I love math.

628. I could spend hours on my phone.

629. I love ferris wheels.

630. I struggle at school.

631. I lost someone to suicide.

632. I feel enormously protective towards animals.

633. I’m obsessed with dreamcatchers.

634. I love Batman.

635. I have seasonal affective disorder.

636. I want to be an exchange student.

637. I could spend hours listening to music.

638. I’m addicted to krabby patties.

639. I write poetry.

640. I love Black Veil Brides. 

641. I dream of getting my writing published.

642. I can’t wait till i turn eighteen.

643. I eat when I’m bored.

644. I fear commitment.

645. I am the child of a gay couple.

646. I’m hard to love.

647. I have problems letting go.

648. I need the internet in a way that’s probably not normal.

649. I love Of Mice and Men.

650. I’m absentminded.

651. I have problems concentrating.

652. I’m awesome.

653. I’m terrified of a college.

654. I hate society, even though I’m a part of it.

655. I love balloons.

656. I try to please everyone.

657. I long to be really famous.

658. I’m always procrastinating.

659. I can make anyone feel better but myself.

660. I’m into astrology.

661. I wish I hadn’t grown up so quickly.

662. I was born in the wrong country.

663. I love Mumford and the Son’s.

664. I’ll never stop loving Spongebob Squarepants.

665. I laugh when I’m nervous.

666. I adore my brother.

667. I love Led Zeppelin.

668. I have wavy hair.

669. I’m a thinker, not a talker.

670. I write in a journal.

671. I love Avenged Sevenfold.

672. I’m trying to be a better person.

673. I wish I could change everything about myself.

674. I laugh at everything and nothing.

675. I tend fall for older people.

676. I plan to stay a virgin until I’m married.

677. I’m a wallflower.

678. I get close to people easily.

679. I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. 

680. I’m always hesitating.

681. I believe in reincarnation.

682. I’m overshadowed by my sibling.

683. I’m always changing.

684. I love Queen.

685. I dream of being a fashion designer.

686. I love Ben & Jerry’s.

687. I’m adopted. 

688. I’m a dancer.

689. I love my followers. 

690. I love Victoria’s Secret.

691. I’m a single parent.

692. I worry too much.

693. I’m not afraid of being myself. 

694. I wish I could travel through time and space.

695. I judge people too easily.

696. I live in my own world.

697. I think of my pets as my children.

698. I love Florence + the machine.

699. I have ADD.

700. I love starbucks.

701. I want to save a life.

702. I can’t be fixed. 

703. I love popcorn.

704. I’m a cancer survivor. 

705. I long for the perfect body. 

706. I follow back. 

707. I have blue eyes. 

708. I’m really scared of life.

709. I’m flexible. 

710. I have overprotective parents.

711. I love Revenge.

712. I’m recovering from an eating disorder. 

713. I love Modern Family. 

714. I can’t live without makeup.

714. I’m an American.

715. I’m British. 

716. I practice yoga.

717. I’m a canadian.

718. I’m gay.

719. I am a Russian.

720. I love myself.

721. I’m a lesbian.

722. I miss the Olympics.

723. I have trouble following the rules.

724. I’m Australian. 

725. I’m insecure about my body.

726. I long for a family that isn’t broken. 

727. I’m Dutch.

728. I’m an Italian. 

729. I fear rejection.

730. I wish I fit in. 

731. I listen to one song I like over and over until I’m sick of it.

732. My cat is my best friend.

733. I love Vans. 

734. I have brown eyes.

735. I live in baggy sweatshirts. 

736. I long for a happy, long-lasting relationship.

737. I have green eyes.

738. I’m a vegan.

739. I’m German. 

740. I love Guns n’ Roses. 

741. I love steampunk.

742. I long to work for a fashion magazine. 

743. I’m a finn.

744. I love hot chocolate.

745. I play with fire.  

746. I believe in aliens.

747. I have hazel eyes.

748. I love frozen yogurt. 

749. I’m pale.

750. I miss summer. 

751. I love Indian food.

752. I’ve lost a parent.

753. I’m a sucker for mysteries.

754. I’m hard to understand.

755. I’m starting to lose hope in humanity.

756. I take things too seriously.

757. I love little kids

758. I play basketball.

759. I have an obsessive need to have the last word.

760. I’m really excited about this year at hogwarts.

770. I wear braces.

771. I love to party.

772. I meditate.

773. I play the drums.

774. I’m dreading the start of the school year.

775. I wish animals could talk.

776. I’m scared to tell anyone my secrets.

777. I’m trying my best to be happy again.

778. I long to work for the army.

779. I’m trying to lose weight.

780. I’ve been sexually abused.

781. I love ballgowns

782. I feel alone in a crowd.

783. I feel like no one listens to me.

784. I have anxiety disorder.

785. I can’t wait to get married.

786. I love paintball.

787. I love disney princesses.

788. I love letters.

789. I want a pet unicorn.

790. I have post-traumatic stress disorder.

791. I’m engaged.

792. On Wednesdays, I wear pink.

793. I love to surf.

794. I love belle.

795. I love pocahontas.

796. I love aladdin.

797. I love rapunzel.

798. I love merida.

799. I love mulan.

800. I love the lion king.

801. I hate it when my parents fight.

802. I have problems letting people in.

803. I love vintage things.

804. I forgive easily.

805. I long to live on the edge.

806. I’m easily distracted.

807. I’m never going to stop being a kid.

808. I dwell on my mistakes.

809. I actually like school.

810. I don’t like being around people.

811. I could survive on nutella.

812. I get unbelievably vivid dreams.

813. I lost someone to cancer.

814. I live on a farm.

815. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

816. I love classic rock.

817. I’m the kind of person who uses complete grammar, even while texting.

818. I play out conversations that never did and never will happen in my head.

819. I love naya rivera.

820. I love the little mermaid.

821. I love snow white.

822. I love tiana.

823. I love 101 dalmations.

824. I can’t wait for christmas.

825. I love wicked.

826. I love jewellery.

827. We accept the love we think we deserve.

828. I build up walls, then feel bad when no one breaks them down.

829. I’m loud.

830. I’m socially awkward.

831. I love Mexican food.

832. I love pancakes.

833. I love thai food.

834. I love baking.

835. I long to go on an adventure.

836. I don’t want to get married.

837. I love Les Miserables.

838. I’m finally overcoming my insecurity.

839. I have a goldfish.

840. I love rap.

841. I like music more than people.

842. Reading is my escape.

843. I hate nothing more than having to wake up early.

844. I’ve got a terrible memory.

845. I’m the kind of person who gets excited about birthdays.

846. I love knitting.

847. All I want is love.

848. I fall for people who are already taken.

849. I love oversized sweaters. 

850. I’m always losing my stuff.

851. I love lights.

852. I love spirited away.

853. I try my hardest to stay strong.

854. I love postcards.

855. I would never be able to turn vegetarian.

856. I’m a night blogger.

857. I’m a gryffindor.

858. I love red riding hood.

859. I’m a hufflepuff.

860. I strive to stand out.

861. I’m bulimic.

862. I love candy apples.

863. I have EDNOS.

864. I keep a diary.

865. Writing is my escape.

866. I’m broken beyond repair.

867. I love forever 21.

868. I love roasted marshmallows.

869. I want a pet dragon.

870. I love the sims.

871. I love flying hair photos. 

872. I dream of working for the police.

873. I can’t swim.

874. I’m a slytherin.

875. I love ballet.

876. I’m a ravenclaw.

877. I love peter pan.

878. I kill annoying people in my head.

879. I fall in love a little with everyone.

880. I’m always watching tv online.

881. I hate thinking about the future.

882. I hate texting.

883. I love Hollister.

884. I write fan fiction.

885. I just need some time off, away from everything.

886. I love Captain America.

887. I like complimenting people.

888. Tumblr is a huge part of my life.

889. I lost someone on 9/11.

890. I love the Kardashians.

891. I’ve been victimized by Regina George. 

892. I love chipotle.

893. I go to boarding school.

894. I love cookie dough.

895. I do what I want.

896. I have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life.

897. I struggle to keep my friends close.

898. I love chocolate strawberries.

899. I hate being at home alone.

900. I hate facebook.

901. I’m in love with someone who’ll never know. 

902. I love tim burton movies.

903. I love disney villains.

904. I’m a shopaholic.

905. I need to gain weight.

906. I’m a band geek.

907. I tend to fight a lot with the people I’m closest to.

908. I’m always biting my lips.

909. I’m agnostic.

910. I’m in love with someone who loves me back. 

911. I’m a different person online.

912. I avoid drama.

913. I try to be honest.

914. I’m not sure who I am.

915. I’m a brand whore.

916. I love the cab.

917. I want the kind of love that movies portray.

918. I have grey eyes.

919. I love cher lloyd.

920. I love mac and cheese. 

921. I love costume makeup. 

922. I’m stubborn.

923. I’m a figure skater.

924. I love Tom Daley.

925. I’m mature for my age.

926. I’m apathetic.

927. I’m a feminist.

928. I’m obsessed with quotes.

929. I have a crush.

930. I’m a victim of rape.

931. I long to go skydiving.

932. I’m quiet, but I have a lot to say.

933. I grew up too fast.

934. I love leggings.

935. I fall irrevocably in love with voices.

936. I’m terrified of clowns. 

938. I sleep with a stuffed toy. 

939. I don’t trust my friends. 

940. I’m worried that I’m wasting my life away.

941. I dream of Canada.

942. Music is my escape.

943. I love the walking dead.

944. I just want to be called pretty.

945. I get nervous easily.

946. I love polaroids.

947. I love blowing bubbles.

948. I do it gangnam style.

949. I don’t get along with my parents.

950. I had a really awkward first kiss.

951. I love Luke Bryan.

952. I prefer the night to day.

953. I love Alice in Wonderland.

954. I’ve barely seen the world.

955. I’m not talented at anything.

956. I spend hours watching TV.

957. I love playing video games. 

958. I don’t pay attention in class.

959.I love Marilyn Monroe.

960. I like being alone.

961. I hate my legs.

962. I’m surrounded by peasants.

963. I was the bully.

964. I dream of new zealand.

965. I have untameable hair.

966. People expect me to be perfect.

967. I have asthma.

968. I live in a fantasy.

969. I love the chronicles of narnia.

970. I can’t wait to start my own family.

971. I get awkward when people compliment me.

972. I don’t know where home is anymore.

973. I’m trustworthy.

974. I can’t wait until halloween.

975. I recovered.

976. When I like something, I get obsessed.

977. I feel happy when I’m on tumblr.

978. I just want to survive high school.

979. I can be very unfriendly.

980. I do drugs.

981. I’m different from the others.

982. I smoke to fit in.

983. I’m always screwing things up.

984. I love sugarland.

985. I’m always hurting people.

986. I love csi: crime scene investigation.

987. I like someone I don’t think I have a chance with.

988. I’m asian.

989. I don’t accept criticism well.

990. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.

991. I don’t have real friends.

992. I love linkin park.

993. I would fall to pieces without him/her.

994. I play field hockey.

995. I’m ashamed of the human race.

996. I’m a contradiction.

997. I don’t believe it when they say it.

998. Everyone underestimates me.

999. I’m left handed.

1000. I’m a nailbiter.

1001. I’m happiest when I’m reading.

1002. I just want to be happy.

1003. I’m a people pleaser.

1004. I was a victim of child abuse.

1005. I just want someone who loves me for me.

1006. I have a gadget obsession.

1007. I hate being the centre of attention.

1008. I feel infinite.

1009. I’m estonian.

1010. I’m self-conscious about my height.

1011. I’m easily discouraged.

1012. I have amazing friends from all over the world.

1013. My imagination terrifies me.

1014. I love being home alone.

1015. I’m quirky.

1016. I’ve had feelings for one person for a really long time.

1017. I love sweater weather.

1018. I’m easily bored.

1019. I love being the centre of attention.

1020. I like fictional characters more than people I know personally.

1021. I can’t wait to prove them all wrong.

1022. I’m stuck in the friendzone.

1023. I remember the tiniest details.

1024. I’m a smart blonde.

1025. I’m dyslexic. 

1025. I don’t have dreams, I set goals.

1026. I plan to make the best out of life.

1027. I was born in the wrong era.

1028. I don’t follow trends.

1029. My dog is my best friend.

1030. I love saunas.

1031. I’m lost.

1032. I love downton abbey.

1033. I’m against discrimination.

1034. I get left behind a lot.

1035. I can never tell people what I really think of them.

1036. My room is always a mess.

1037. I live for cupcakes.

1038. I love deep conversations.

1039. I’m unbelievably unlucky.

1040. I want to fall in love.

1041. I see beauty in everything.

1042. I just want to run away.

1043. I find scars beautiful.

1044. I’m a hipster.

1045. I’m incredibly blessed.

1046. I still have imaginary friends.

1047. I put other people before myself.

1048. I saved a life.

1049. I play the violin.

1050. I’m happiest by the ocean.

1051. I’m lonely.

1052. I tend to run away from my problems rather than face them.

1053. I’m lactose intolerant.

1054. I overract.

1055. I love bruce springsteen.

1056. I don’t believe in promises.

1057. I hate winter.

1058. I’m a potato.

1059. I play baseball.

1060. I dance in the rain.

1061. I helped someone recover.

1062. I lost my best friend.

1063. I’m the middle child.

1064. I’ve changed a lot.

1065. I love once upon a time.

1066. I’m comfortable with silence.

1067. I just want to know that someone cares.

1068. I talk in my sleep.

1069. I love campfires.

1070. I love to draw.

1071. I think up strange things that no one else understands.

1072. I was saved.

1073. Everything’s prettier at night.

1074. I love seeing new things.

1075. I love long hair.

1076. I’m into psychology.

1077. I dream of being in a band.

1078. I’m just trying to find my place in this world.

1079. I don’t like being with my family.

1080. I’m a cynic.

1081. I’m misunderstood.

1082. I love wearing bracelets.

1083. I text first.

1084. I’m spiritual.

1085. I lost a sibling.

1086. I haven’t lost hope yet.

1087. I’d ship anything and everything.

1088. I’m a neat freak.

1089. I love vintage cars.

1090. I’m always apologizing.

1091. I’m always sad.

1092. I want blue hair.

1093. I need help.

1094. I love bunnies.

1095. I just want the pain to stop.

1096. I want to live in the country.

1097. I am falling apart.

1098. I love spiderman.

1099. I’m sentimental.

1100. I feel incomplete when I’m single.

1101. I hate my birthday.

1102. I love gilmore girls.

1103. I miss my grandparents.

1104. I feel like my opinions don’t matter.

1105. I’m irish

1106. I talk to myself more than to other people.

1107. I hate most creepy crawlies.

1108. Thinking about how huge the universe is, and putting things in perspective, helps me feel better.

1109. I love stripes.

1110. I want to be successful.

1111. I’m not ashamed to cry.

1112. I want to be the best.

1113. I care so much more about what’s on the inside.

1114. I’m always in la-la land.

1115. I want to inspire someone.

1116. I’m asexual.

1117. I’m afraid of fire.

1118. I’m reserved.

1119. I’m impatient.

1120. I question everything.

1121. I can’t wait to jump in the leaves.

1122. I’m a hypocrite.

1123. My best friend is of the opposite sex.

1124. I have short hair.

1123. I’m coming out.

1124. I’m the weird friend.

1125. I love the cold.

1126. I love michael buble.

1127. This world is mad.

1128. I wish I was good at something.

1129. I tend to tune people out.

1130. I’m paranoid.

1131. I’m afraid.

1132. I feel left out easily.

1133. I feel like a disappointment.

1134. I’m happiest in bed.

1135. I don’t accept myself.

1136. I ruined my life before it even started.

1137. I wish people could see through my tough facade.

1138. I want to teach.

1139. I reach beyond limits.

1140. I just need a hug.

1141. I wish I wasn’t so awkward.

1142. Camp is my favorite place in the world.

1143. I blurt out things that only sound good in my head.

1144. I get hurt easily.

1145. I’m myself when I’m with my friends.

1146. I’m moody.

1147. I’m obsessed with bubble wrap.

1148. I want a walk-in closet.

1149. I’m protective.

1150. I love the apple store.

1151. I love monkeys.

1152. I play the clarinet.

1153. I’m a graphic designer.

1154. I’m a comic book geek.

1155. I have tourette’s syndrome.

1156. I live in the moment.

1157. I’m logical.

1158. I dream of the perfect date.

1159. My interest is piqued by the strangest things.

1160. My eyes are my best feature.

1161. I have straight hair.

1162. I’m unsure about everything.

1163. I want to be a movie director.

1164. I wear snapbacks.

1165. I love kiss.

1166. I feel like I don’t deserve happiness.

1167. I never feel like I belong.

1168. I hate rollercoasters.

1169. I’m swedish.

1170. I never go outside.

1171. I love the titanic.

1172. I can never be happy.

1173. I love bowties.

1174. I hate my name.

1175. I’m a midfielder.

1176. I wish I had dreads.

1177. I would live on sesame street.

1178. People talk about me behind my back.

1179. I’m hilarious.

1180. I live in shorts.

1181. I love christmas lights.

1182. I want a traditional wedding.

1183. I’m staying strong.

1184. My friends are like my siblings.

1185. I think too much.

1186. I’m waiting for the doctor.

1187. I spend too much time in my room.

1188. I’m multilingual.

1189. I’m free.

1190. I need to be needed.

1191. I love nirvana.

1192.I’m giving up.

1193. I don’t see a future for myself.

1194. I’m multiracial.

1195. I can’t wait to find myself.

1196. I act like a child.

1197.I spend too much time indoors.

1198. I try too hard to fit in.

1199. I have really strange beliefs.

1200. I want to stop bullying.

1201. I miss my best friend.

1202. I get lost in my thoughts.

1203. I care way too much about someone who couldn’t care less.

1204. I think people have the wrong idea about me.

1205. Music saved my life.

1206. I have the best boyfriend/girlfriend.

1207. I love star wars.

1208. I’m happily married.

1209. I dream of going to warped tour.

1210. I feel ashamed when I cry.

1211. I love beats.

1212. I reread books I like, over and over again.

1213. I’m nice to everyone.

1214. I’m consumed by wanderlust.

1215. I’m terrified of spiders.

1216. I love breathe carolina.

1217. I’m homesick.

1218. I love long car rides.

1219. I found the person I want to spend my life with.

1220. I’m easily frustrated.

1221. I get too emotionally invested in fictional characters.

1222. I dream of portland.

1223. I cycle.

1224. I’m not going to let anyone make me believe that I’m not worth it.

1225. I like to look at things from a new perspective.

1226. I’m mexican.

1227. I could spend hours in water.

1228. I feel like I’m doing everything wrong.

1229. I love classic movies.

1230. I’m really grateful for the life I was born into.

1231. I want new friends.

1232. I still love barbie.

1233. I love the wanted.

1234. I’m loyal.

1235. I dislike little kids.

1236. I play the cello.

1237. I love allstar weekend.

1238. I want tattoos on every inch of my body.

1239. I’m patriotic.

1240. I have adhd.

1241. I’m not comfortable in my own skin.

1242. I’ll never get over you.

1243. I can never control my laughter.

1244. I wear contact lenses.

1245. I don’t care about what I look like.

1246. I love the ready set.

1247. I love role-playing games.

1248. I tend to hyperventilate.

1249. I can’t stand silence.

1250. I love bundling up.

1251. I love american eagle.

1252. I’m always the third wheel.

1253. I’m not stereotypical.

1254. I’m terrified of dogs.

1255. I still watch disney channel.

1256. I want a beach house.

1257. I wish I could sing.

1258. I just want to be able to be myself, without being judged for it.

1259. I like books more than people.

1260. I dream in technicolour.

1261. I’m argumentative.

1262. I love megan and liz.

1263. I feel replaceable.

1264. I love percy jackson.

1265. I can’t remember the last time I smiled for real.

1266. I’m a good friend.

1267. I’m epileptic.

1268. I’m happiest on rainy days.

1269. I can’t wait to have kids of my own.

1270. I hold grudges.

1271. I love it when people acknowledge or remember me.

1272. I love neon trees.

1273. I’m a pisces.

1274. I love x-men.

1275. I love classical music.

1276. I’m scared of the world.

1277. I’m losing my mind.

1278. I don’t want to let anyone know that I’m broken.

1279. I love koalas.

1280. I’m addicted to gum.

1281. I act like I don’t care.

1282. I hate my natural hair.

1283. I love sharks.

1284. I adore presents.

1285. I want to be wanted.

1286. I dream in black and white.

1287. I hate seafood.

1288. My problems follow me everywhere.

1289. I’d rather be alone than with my friends.

1290. I wish I was her.

1291. I still believe in the disney kind of love.

1292. I love decorating my room.

1293. I’m a gossip.

1294. I get judged for everything I do.

1295. I feel like no one would want me.

1296. I’m a lazy texter. 

1297. I eat more than I should.

1298. I dread going to sleep.

1299. I’m good with animals.

1300. I hate talking on the phone.

1301. I prefer books to movies.

1302. I have dimples.

1303. I’m a concert junkie.

1304. I have way too many posters.

1305. I’m determined.

1306. I have an overactive conscience.

1307. I believe in forever afters.

1308. I fall in love with memories.

1309. I’m extremely ambitious for someone so lazy.

1310. I take photos of everything.

1311. I can never be mean.

1312. I love papa roach.

1313. I often refer to myself in third person.

1314. I love divergent.

1315. I’m a ninja.

1316. I’m indian.

1317. I have trouble putting my thoughts into words.

1318. I wish I could play an instrument.

1319. I write songs.

1320. I still have post-potter depression.

1321. I play the trumpet.

1322. I don’t have regrets.

1323. I’m obsessed with accents.

1324. I cry myself to sleep.

1325. I dream of seeing the northern lights.

1326. I’ll never be able to like myself.

1327. My friends are my family.

1328. I’m ready for christmas.

1329. I hate socializing.

1330. I hate sports.

1331. I have schizophrenia.

1332. I love criminal minds.

1333. I love penguins.

1334. I love suicide silence.

1335. I’m always “fine” when I’m not.

1336. I’m naive.

1337. I’m an orphan.

1338. I’m a firework.

1339. I’m a taurus.

1340. I play roller derby.

1341. I see the best in people.

1342. I want to be british.

1343. I wish I was beautiful in everyones eyes.

1344. I wish one day I can tell everybody my secret.

1345. My best friend is better than me.

1346. I love south park.

1347. I’m confident.

1348. I need someone.

1349. I was saved by a band.

1350. I’m brazilian.

1351. Crowds soothe me.

1352. I don’t give up.

1353. I just want to live.

1354. Painting is my escape.

1355. I don’t see the good in myself.

1356. I prefer public transportation.

1357. I’m bad with money.

1358. I’m easily manipulated.

1359. I love science fiction.

1360. I don’t remember how it felt to be happy.

1361. I’m a concert virgin.

1362. I stopped caring.

1363. I want to be someone’s most important person. 

1364. I love boys like girls.

1365. I hate homework.

1366. I wish I was american.

1367. I don’t cry easily.

1368. I love spending money on music.

1369. I love snuggling with my cat.

1370. I’m an arab.

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